Anklets, the most summery accessory

Tobilleras, el accesorio más veraniego

The good weather and with it the customs of summer. Accessories are key this season of the year as they bring light to outfits, which are usually lighter and simpler.

One part of the body that shines like no other are the feet. The season of sandals, nail polishes in bright colors... and ankle bracelets begins.

Say yes to ankle bracelets, which return like every summer to adorn our feet and give us a sexy and bohemian air. If you want to sign up for this 'must have', write down some tips and keys to take them:

The meaning of these pieces throughout history has been very varied: in India they are worn throughout the marriage and removed when widowed, and in ancient Egypt they were thought to attract good luck. In other cultures they were also worn, with bells, by people who worked the land to keep insects away.

Currently they are used as another accessory that stylizes the legs and decorates the foot, giving it a sexy touch . They can be worn on both ankles or combined into one.

Although they come in all materials and colors, the most suitable for summer are steel anklets. With them we can bathe in the sea or the pool without fear of damaging them and without causing skin allergies.

1. Wear them according to your style. There are simple and minimalist ones, colorful ones or with multiple charms. You choose!

2. Combine them with flat sandals or esparto wedges.

3. Jeans with rolled up sleeves are ideal for showing off anklets. They also look great with culottes .

4. Skirts and dresses will be your allies, long or short but always above the ankle.

5. You can wear them in the pool or on the beach, they perfectly complete the looks with a swimsuit or bikini, in fact, they are an essential.

6. You can wear two anklets on top of each other, it is always much better than wearing one on each ankle.

7. Use them for informal events with high heels but not at weddings or special parties as they provide a bohemian touch that surely won't work with your guest outfit.

8. Large hoops in your ears are the perfect pair when it comes to jewelry.

9. It is a super feminine accessory. Put it in your suitcase for your vacation because it's fresh, fun, and rebellious.

10. And remember that the best thing is to let yourself be guided by your instincts and be yourself.

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