Pearls are back!

¡Vuelven las perlas!

The legendary pearl necklaces, simple or with several strands, have always been in the memory of every woman. Surely your mother or grandmother has a valuable necklace or wonderful pearl earrings. And it is not surprising, because pearls are that natural 'gem' that enhances the freshness and shine of the skin, accentuating a woman's beauty and elegance. So much so, that many brides wear pearls on their wedding day.

Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and the legendary Coco Chanel

And yes, this year they are one of the revelation trends for all ages . Nowadays, we see them sewn to skinny jeans, on hairpins, adorning shoes or as a detail on bags and scarves. You will see them everywhere because they are timeless and have always been immersed in the world of fashion. You can wear them with street or party looks , they look ideal with everything, although they are exceptionally beautiful when the outfits are simple or monochrome. Get inspired by the current celebrities who have signed up for this timeless trend.

Don't stop wearing them because as the legendary Coco Chanel already said: "A woman needs strips and strips of pearls" , and the current designs are inspiring and adapted to all types of personalities.

But what do you know about pearls?

  • Natural pearls are formed when a foreign body is introduced into the body of the mollusk, which reacts by slowly covering the particle with a mixture of crystals and a protein, forming the substance known as nacre.
  • The pearls are of variable size, color and shape. Although aesthetic and size characteristics are fundamental in valuing a pearl, the final price depends largely on the fashion trends of the moment.
  • The making of pearl jewelry dates back to ancient people. However, due to their extreme rarity, pearls were one of the most valuable 'gems' and were reserved for kings and nobility.
  • Nowadays, access to pearls is easier and cheaper because most of them, although natural, are cultured. Cultured freshwater pearls, along with authentic sea pearls, are the most prized in jewelry.

New PEARLS collection by anartxy

  • Pearl farming is introducing new shapes, colors, sizes and textures. In addition, cultured pearls are incredibly durable and have as high a shine, softness and quality as sea pearls.
  • Although it may seem otherwise, the best thing of all is that you wear your pearls often. As a natural product, it does not harm the humidity, heat or softness of your skin. What's more, wearing them regularly, carrying out proper maintenance, can considerably extend their life.

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New PEARLS collection by anartxy


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