Your bohemian style with Shell & Turquoise

Tu estilo bohemio con Shell & Turquoise

Loose and exotic garments, shorts, white, jeans, flat sandals, cowboy boots, hats, lace, feathers and fringes cannot be missing from your closet if you want to incorporate this style into your summer looks. It's great because it works equally well for an afternoon on the beach, a romantic dinner or a night out at the club. If you want to be inspired, all you have to do is look at the celebrities at the Coachella Festival held every year in California: Vanessa Hudgens, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kylie Jenner or Katy Perry.

Jewelry and accessories are a fundamental part of boho chic, in fact, they are essential . They are usually worn in different shapes and sizes, leaving minimalist trends behind. Gold, turquoise blue and warm colors such as earth and coral perfectly identify this type of accessories.

Anartxy has designed a 'very boho chic' collection: Shell & Turquoise. It combines gold-plated surgical steel (an all-rounder) with details with mother-of-pearl, turquoise or coral-type materials. There are pieces of all kinds, some simpler, others full of color and even beauties with sea shells that are the most 'in' details of the season.

Our tips for wearing your Shell & Turquoise jewelry:

1. Earrings are usually worn with hair down with natural waves or braids.
2. Without a doubt, rings make a difference. The ideal is to wear several, combining them as you wish to create a casual look.
3. Necklaces attached to the neck with a leather strap combined with longer and more discreet ones. The idea is to play with them until you achieve the bohemian balance.
4. As for bracelets, leather bracelets and straps win the battle, as they stand out against dark skin while dressing bare arms.

But most important of all, be yourself.

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