'Anything Goes', the trend of summer 2019

‘Todo Vale’, la tendencia del verano 2019

The accessories have reached their climax. There is no woman who does not fall in love with the benefits of accessories, always ideal for enhancing, sweetening or transforming a look. Costume jewelry and jewelry are part of this wonderful universe that characterizes the star trend for this summer: dress simply and stand out with accessories.

All fashion designers have emphatically shown bags, scarves, hats, belts and jewelry on their rather minimalist clothing designs. Excess jewelry is no longer considered tacky or quaint, it is now a trend. Chanel already gave a good account of this in its last show, highlighting the clothes cascaded with necklaces and even doubling the bag.

Necklaces arranged in several layers, natural stones in bright colors, large pieces, stacking rings on a single finger and asymmetry become 'our daily bread'. There are no established rules, because the rule is that there are no rules.

Chiara Ferragni is another of the ambassadors of this 'anything goes', she knows how to perfectly combine her jewelry pieces with simple and very wearable clothes. She loves layering necklaces and playing with rings, earrings and bracelets of all styles. Chiara is all inspiration.

Rings everywhere , of all sizes and designs. You can wear them in pairs, even on the phalanx or on the nails, there is no limit to your creativity. But, yes, always with an impeccable manicure that does not ruin the outfit.

The earrings follow the lead of 2018, they can be worn unpaired, one simpler and close to the ear and another larger, colorful and with movement. You will surely also get it right with the hoops , key summer pieces, and this year they are renewed with tortoiseshell-type textures, superimposed with all types of looks.

But the pieces that take the prize this season are the necklaces: thin or thick chains, delicate pendants, chokers, leather cords, natural details, medals, crosses, astrological figures, impactful colors and shine... You already know it, but no We get tired of saying it, layered necklaces are the most 'IN' thing. Combine them however you want, giving the set your personal touch.

And don't forget the anklets , ideal throughout the summer, whether for the beach, the city or the most sophisticated parties.

However , this diversity in the jewelry mix that fashion gurus have blessed is not a mandatory guideline . People are different, and each one has their own form of freedom, femininity or masculinity and creative expression.

The usual jewelry is now a spectacular showcase that you can buy in its entirety or take only its most 'special' piece.

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