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Today astronomers scientifically study distant space, but it is astrologers (not to be confused) who study the relationship between astronomical phenomena and human behavior.

According to Western astrology , the destiny of each human being is greatly affected by the influence of the position of the stars at the time and place of their birth.

Hence, we know the signs of the zodiac in an astrological context, but the zodiac is really the name of the area of ​​the sky located around the ecliptic, divided into twelve sections where the 12 constellations that we all know and that astrologers associate with are located. their predictions.

Like almost everyone, you have probably consulted your horoscope at some point or think that your zodiac sign really influences your behavior or your future.

If so, you will love carrying an amulet with your zodiac sign with you. Anartxy presents its new collection composed of 12 pendants that represent each of the signs of the Zodiac.


In addition, we invite you to play by combining several necklaces strategically to achieve the effect of “layered necklaces”, one of the trends of the moment.

Don't hesitate, carry with you an amulet designed for you.

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