Necklaces layering

Necklaces layering

All celebrities, actresses, bloggers and Influencers have fallen in love with this way of combining chains and pendants. You just have to look at the magnificent Chiara Ferragni who repeats and repeats this trend in almost all of her outfits.

The neck is the protagonist, but not with the help of large necklaces and voluminous chokers. Delicacy and simplicity is the strong point of this proposal.

It involves wearing several necklaces strategically combined to achieve a 'relaxed' effect. Combining thick chains with thin and delicate chokers has become an art suitable for everyone.

The idea is to play with textures, combining different styles of chains and pendants, with gold and silver. The most precious pendants to create the ideal combination are those inspired by ancient coins, religious medals, crucifixes and figures. To personalize the look, you can add a pendant with your initial or your zodiac sign.

The graduated effect is achieved with layers at different heights, one close to the neck and the rest somewhat separated, even reaching the chest. Let each piece shine on its own but at the same time form a trendy set.

Three layers of necklaces is the perfect starting point, but if you're feeling inspired you can combine up to five or six pieces.

At anartxy you can find countless necklaces with which you can create this waterfall effect that is so fashionable this season.

Mix & Match: dare, combine, play, change... create a trend.

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