'Black outfit' for Christmas

‘Black outfit’ por Navidad

The outfit you wear those days will say a lot about you, and of course, what you will never go wrong with is the color black. Always elegant, chic, sophisticated and above all versatile, it is like a blank canvas to which you can add all kinds of accessories or complements without overloading the look and highlighting your personality.

It is the basic par excellence , also highly recommended to stylize the figure and give a very flattering aura that never goes out of style.

A 'Little black dress', palazzo pants with a ruffled blouse, tight pants with a low-cut top, a long velvet dress... there are many options you can choose from, but always remember to combine your favorite garment in black with killer heels.

You just have to take a look at the celebrities of the moment, black is their fetish color , Taylor Swift, Chiara Ferragni, Gigi Hadid, Blanca Suarez, Olivia Palermo or Gwyneth Paltrow... Black is the ideal wild card for all styles, ages and occasions.

In terms of jewelry , get inspired by Selena Gómez and combine black with some ear rings , they are super feminine and beautify every woman. Big or small, simple or with details, these are the star earrings for the Christmas season. You love earrings and the more you wear them, the more you will like them.

And if you are an 'anartxylover' you will not be able to resist wearing a mix of necklaces and chains with your 'black outfit', as we already mentioned in our previous post. Cara Delevingne knows about trends and does not miss the opportunity to show off her collection of cascading pendants.

If your jewelry pieces are gold, you will give a very festive and elegant touch to the look, but if you opt for silver, you will surely also be right, as it gives a colder and more enigmatic touch that you will love.

Should we bet everything on black? And remember that the coolest Jewelry BlackFriday , you always have it at Anartxy

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