In Bijorhca it is already spring

En Bijorhca ya es primavera

In this edition of Bijorhca Paris 2022 , we had the opportunity to show you all our new products in the catalog for this spring-summer season and our new store displays. Because not only are we continually creating new trend collections, our team of designers also works every day to offer the best user experiences with our own designed furniture and displays.


A real success.

A success with our most anticipated collections, our enameled pieces and textile bracelets have become a true must-have for our partners . And they really like them, both our associated shops and our jewelry clients.

anartxy en la feria de joyeria y bisutería de Paris Bijorhca

As always, our team of salespeople and designers attended to all visitors with all the positive energy that we at anartxy want to share. We are color, design, trend and happiness.

This experience is over but we are already preparing for our next adventure in Madrid, the Bisutex fair.

See you in Madrid? We will be at stand 4C02 , delighted to welcome you and share our excitement for this new season full of color.

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