For You Woman, a bracelet to change the world

Por Ti Mujer, una pulsera para cambiar el mundo

This is how Anartxy Values ​​was born, a project or platform for collaborations with non-profit associations, which is here to stay. A platform that has nothing to do with the campaigns related to specific dates that we are used to seeing. Our projects will have a duration determined solely by the production of the designs we create for this purpose. 

What purpose is our new solidarity jewel for?

Now we are involved in a collaboration with the feminist association Por Ti Mujer, who provide services to women at risk and who suffer gender violence. A platform whose mission is to combat the structural causes that restrict women's citizenship and affect the exercise of their freedom. From Por Ti Mujer they work for equal opportunities between women and men and the fight against gender violence and any form of discrimination against women and girls. With their comprehensive care program they offer information, psychological, social, educational, legal, labor and shelter care for abused women.

For example, one of the association's tasks is its Labor Insertion strategy for women with which they design projects that lead to educational enrichment and self-management of employment, to grant them independence and freedom.

Concrete actions that lead to long-term solutions.

We wanted to be participants in a project like Por Ti Mujer and create a feminist piece to raise funds for them, so that they can continue working for a more fair and equal society and continue helping women. Thus, all the money raised from the sale of the Por ti Mujer Bracelets will go towards the specific actions carried out by this association.


What is the Por Ti Mujer solidarity bracelet like?

A bracelet with a simple and clear design, an iconic bracelet, made with purple crystals and with the woman's symbol in gold-plated stainless steel. For only €5 you will be providing essential help for these women who are now going through a bad time, but thanks to your help they will be able to empower themselves and break with the social and emotional structures that oppress them.

For you woman, for them, with Anartxy we are stronger and more united than before.

Don't miss this opportunity to give and help other women. 

Bracelet For You Woman. Only €5 and you will help the feminist association Por Ti Mujer and its great work


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