Lots of color in the new Spring-Summer 2022 collections

Mucho color en las nuevas colecciones Primavera-Verano 2022

That is why our collections for 2022 are a declaration of intentions, a cry of happiness, a proclamation of good vibes.

Color in your life and in your jewelry

This year, let your resolutions not only be “go to the gym more” or “read more”, but also “be happier” and “love yourself much, much more than the previous year”. We want to help you smile, to be more comfortable in your skin every day, to give joy and color to your daily life and to your happiest moments, those that will later become indelible memories.

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What are the news and trends of 2022?

The news is a visit to those wonderful 90's , perhaps you will think that we are nostalgic but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a fresh and renewed look at our childhood and adolescence, because 2022 is a rebirth, it is a return to grow. That is why we joined this trend of the 90s and early 2000s, because now it is a before but also an after.

We offer you some colorful and oversized steel jewelry – although it is never too much – such as acrylic rings along with necklaces and chains with large retro-inspired links. Cold enamel also takes an exceptional place in these collections of rings, bracelets and necklaces, along with emoji inspiration, also very trendy this 2022. But we do not leave aside classic and elegant jewelry, plays of light that crystals with cat's eye effects give us. That effect that we were looking for so much those years. You remember? Well they're back! Discover the Sunflowers collection

With these jewels, made of steel and that do not lose their shine and color, you will be up to date , completing your looks, whether it is your capsule wardrobe or the most in-trend garment of the season.

Discover the new jewelry with more color and good vibes of the season!

And you? How do you want to start the year? These are our proposals and collections that you can now purchase in our online store:

Candy Collection

Enamel Collection

Chains Collection

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