Anartxy joins the # TodosconlaPalma campaign

Anartxy se suma a la campaña #TodosconlaPalma

Many have lost their homes, hundreds have lost their jobs and many waited for their home with the only protection that the lava would not carry it away or the ashes would completely cover it until it collapsed.


From Anartxy, on October 20 we joined the cause #AllWithLaPalma , in collaboration with our client from La Palma, Ferreiro Joyas . He designed the piece, with all the love for his fellow La Palma countrymen, and upon learning of Pedro Ferreiro's initiative, we were delighted with his proposal and did not hesitate to collaborate with the manufacturing and distribution of this very special jewel. From the Anartxy team, we are grateful for the welcome and contribution of all our clients, that is why we decided to design and manufacture a jewel with which we can continue contributing our grain of sand to those most affected by this tragedy. This is how our solidarity jewel was born, the heart key, offering our customers the possibility of purchasing a solidarity piece whose entire amount will be donated to help rebuild the island and the lives of the people of La Palma . Our customers got so involved in the campaign that in less than a month our charity jewel was sold out. So we decided to expand production and extend the time of this very necessary action.

A jewel that fills us with joy knowing that we can continue helping those most affected by this natural tragedy. Don't miss the opportunity to help the inhabitants of La Palma and acquire the key that opens hearts and the door to the recovery of our Isla Bonita. There are very few left!

All with La Palma ♡

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