Anartxy stores anniversary

Aniversario tiendas anartxy

Anartxy 's philosophy is based on the creation of jewelry with a Mediterranean essence and we transmit that in each of our recognizable pieces, with 100% Spanish design and high quality standards. Since the firm was born in 2009, we consider that our clients are part of the brand. Each season we create a proposal that is as diverse as it is unpredictable, always adapted to your tastes, needs and the trends of the moment. We want our jewelry to make you feel good, unique.

And for all that and to have closer contact with you, in 2017 we opened our first physical store in Plaza Lope de Vega 8 (Valencia). The trust that you gave us prompted us to open a new space in less than a year, again in Valencia, at Paseo de Ruzafa 12. In May of this same year, we opened a wonderful location in Zaragoza (Isaac Peral 3) that had a warm welcome.

This week marks 3 years since we launched ourselves with enthusiasm and enthusiasm into this adventure. It is the anniversary of the beginning of something very beautiful that we hope will last a long time.

To celebrate, we have prepared, in each of our establishments, surprises that will surely captivate you, which is why we invite you to discover our proposals live. If you are already an 'anartxy lover' you will enjoy it to the fullest and if you don't know us yet, you will surely love it.

Thanks to everyone and let's celebrate!

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