4 reasons to advance your Christmas shopping

4 razones para adelantar tus compras de Navidad


This is the year in which we can stop and think carefully about who and what to surprise. Plan, make a list of the people with whom you want to have a detail and write down possible options. You will save money and the most valuable thing, time!


Due to the situation we are in, avoiding crowds is the safest thing to do. Therefore, be sure to go to the nearest local shops and take advantage of the fact that these days there are no crowds to do your shopping in a relaxed and safe way.


At Christmas time it is very likely that the product you want to purchase has been sold out. Therefore, if you go ahead you will have more variety to choose from and find what you were looking for. In addition, many stores take the opportunity to offer discounts or promotions so you can buy what you want at lower prices. Other actions such as Christmas gift packs make it much easier for the consumer to choose the perfect gift or also the option to reserve.

In anartxy stores we offer the possibility of reserving your jewelry for a few days so that you don't run out of them.


During the Christmas season, finding personalized attention in stores is difficult due to the dizzying pace on those dates. Therefore, going early and when there are no large crowds is the best option to receive optimal care.

In anartxy stores we offer personalized and specialized advice, our goal is to turn the selection and purchasing process into a pleasant experience for our clients.

We hope these reasons have helped you start planning your pre-Christmas shopping. Take your time to organize and think about the perfect gifts for those you love most, avoid rushing and last minute purchases.

This year, enjoy giving.

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