Hoops and scarves, the perfect couple

Aros y pañuelos, la pareja perfecta

There are many ways to wear scarves in your hair, and each one has its charm and style, but all of them are feminine, sexy and sensual. Forget about hats because this is a much cooler and more original way to protect your hair from the sun or hide a 'bad hair day'

Scarves have gone from being your grandmother's favorite item of clothing to being the coolest thing of the moment. It is one of the star accessories of 2019, elegant, sophisticated, chic...

We have followed this trend very closely and have confirmed that scarves are almost always worn with casual buns or pigtails and combining them with the second most popular accessory, hoop earrings . Some simple hoops in your ears and a scarf on your head is all you need to give a 'pin up' touch whether in the office, shopping, on the beach or even at concerts (at Coachella it has been a hit).

Whatever your style, you will surely find a way to wear the scarf on your head and wear those earrings that you love so much. Like a turban, like a lasso, like pirates...

Hoops and scarves flood Street Style , we leave you some images and our collection of hoops to inspire you.

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