Saving turtles: the 'new' Hawksbill

Salvando tortugas: el ‘nuevo’ Carey

In jewelry it was a material of great value, as much as other marine materials such as pearls or mother-of-pearl. Brightly colored and semi-translucent, it has a brown and marbled appearance that seduces with its beauty .

Fortunately today , to protect turtles and their ecosystem , it has been decided to manufacture artificial hawksbill . Therefore, we recommend that every time you buy a piece of tortoiseshell you inform yourself well about its origin and make sure that it is of synthetic origin.

Well, that being said, the tortoiseshell effect is in fashion , a print that has gone viral on glasses frames, bags and jewelry. It is striking, sophisticated and goes with everything, especially in the summer months.

Emily Ratajkowski is an expert in setting new trends, and this year her attention has fallen on tortoiseshell effect earrings, usually hoops in mini or XL versions.

The oscillating tone of the tortoiseshell effect between intense brown and yellow is expanded with new tones in line with the vibrancy of summer . So we can find new pieces in blues, pinks, greens and whites.

Its exoticism is mixed with a retro air that suits every woman. Both pale and dark skins stand out with this subtle, naturally inspired print, blending harmoniously with day or night outfits.

The “new tortoiseshell” will, without a doubt, be your faithful companion in the hot months. Anartxy and its Tortoise collection are committed to it with a wide range of earrings that will surprise you with their beauty, quality and price, are you in?

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