To each event its complement

A cada evento su complemento

Sometimes we may have doubts when dressing for an event. The same goes for plugins. What should be worn in each act?

We leave you some tips :

1. At daytime weddings you should not wear many accessories. Just the right amount of jewelry, and the ones we wear should be simple and not flashy.

2. If the wedding is at night , the jewelry can be more sophisticated, shiny and elaborate. We can also combine rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. You should not wear a watch unless it is a jewelery watch.

3. When we go to a more informal event , such as a birthday celebration, the accessories should match the informal clothing, using pieces of materials such as ceramics, seashells, stones...

4. When we are invited to a cocktail , we should go short, but we can play with accessories. Brightness and quantity are allowed.

5. For a job interview, caution is essential. We must reflect a careful image. Some small earrings and a simple ring will be enough.

6. When you practice sports, do without any type of jewelry.

7. For the beach or the pool, the less the better, but if we decide to wear it we have to go for steel since it does not get damaged by water or cause allergies.

8. In general terms, we should wear simple jewelry if our clothing is ornate or very colorful.

9. The most striking jewelry only when the clothes are plain or we wear black.

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