Tips: rings, bracelets and earrings

Consejos: anillos, pulseras y pendientes

Some tips from anartxy for you.. Take note

  1. For short fingers , it is advisable to use small, thin rings .
  2. For long fingers , everything is allowed. You can wear them thick and voluminous without problems.
  3. Small or very thin wrists need medium or small size bracelets . The bright colors and rough textures are perfect.
  4. For thick or large wrists, large bracelets are recommended, but without being excessively bulky. Smooth and matte colors are recommended.
  5. For long arms , wide bracelets are ideal as they add volume.
  6. Large earrings work for large ears, since small ones are unbalanced.
  7. Always avoid large, ornate earrings when you have small ears .
  8. If your neck is short, wear long earrings.
  9. Button earrings or those close to the ear look good on long necks.
  10. Rounded faces can use straight line earrings.
  11. For angular faces, curved or sinuous earrings are ideal as they soften the features.


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