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Chameleon Collection

Chameleon Collection anartxy

Spring is just around the corner, and with it it seems that everything changes, the sun shines brighter and it seems as if the city smells of nature. It is an optimistic season, where color begins to gain strength and replaces the serious, dark and opaque tones of winter.

This spring the most 'in' colors are yellow, turquoise and lavender. Combined or separately, they are the trend of the moment. Ready to go shopping or take out those clothes that you have hidden in the closet? Color is knocking at your door and you have to make the most of it.

Behave like a chameleon! and change the color of your clothes adapting your style to each situation. That's what we at anartxy have thought for our new CHAMELEON collection .

Chameleon are high quality hypoallergenic steel pieces combined with full color crystal stones. Its particularity is that these stones can be exchanged, adapting your bracelet, ring, earring or necklace to your daily look . Lavender, yellow and turquoise to match fashionable tones and black and white for more serious occasions or neutral looks.

Express your creativity using the tone of the glass that inspires you at all times or that best matches your outfit.

Chameleon: a color for every day.

anartxy chameleon collection

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