Valentine's Day

Valentine´s Day

It is said that loving is a brave gesture, because loving someone without limits is sometimes crazy. Love is an obstacle course, but with great rewards.

Love takes care of itself every day, and those who love always do so and do not need a specific day to express their feelings. But who doesn't want to receive a special gift on Valentine's Day?

February 14 is a day full of magic for lovers. A candlelight dinner, a few romantic words and a small detail. And without a doubt, a piece of jewelry is the perfect gift to celebrate the day of love.

Jewelry is small, delicate pieces that your loved one can always carry with them. They are an invitation to romanticism, a simple yet durable gift, a detail that will always bring back good memories.

At anartxy there are dozens of collections to choose the perfect piece , the one that fits the personality and style of the loved one. For him or her we have simple or sophisticated rings, dream bracelets, necklaces and pendants with a message or earrings for all tastes.

All of them are gifts made from the heart.


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