Bitone Collection: industrial inspiration

Colección Bitono: inspiración industrial


At the beginning of the 20th century, the neighborhoods of Tribeca, Soho and Western New York were very flourishing on an industrial level. A large number of warehouses, warehouses and manufacturing buildings were concentrated in them. After a few years, this industry was quickly forgotten and the aforementioned neighborhoods fell out of favor.

It was not until 1950 when the high rents of ground floors and apartments in the Big Apple and the lack of space caused warehouses and disused buildings to come to life again. For some sectors of the population, such as students and artists, these spaces became their lifeline. More or less clandestinely, they began to be rehabilitated to turn them into painting or photography studios, alternative restaurants, bookstores or charming shops. The use of abandoned premises quickly moved to the residential area, becoming spacious, open-plan and comfortable homes... they were the first Lofts, where avant-garde and high-level people lived.


These minimalist and large spaces exposed the old metal structures with rivets, typical of industries and also widely used in the construction of skyscrapers and bridges.

Inspired by this social and architectural phenomenon, anartxy has created the Bitono collection. They are pieces that remind us of the metal structures of the first Lofts, their beams and pillars with rivets. An industrial touch that breaks with the classic and conservative of two-tone pieces. Designed for urban women who like minimalist jewelry but with an avant-garde and quality touch.


The collection is made up of 10 pieces made of high-quality surgical steel, which combines gold and silver. They are anti-allergic and highly durable jewelry , perfect to wear all year round and on any occasion.

Cosmopolitan style is now within your reach.


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