The essential jewelry box

El joyero imprescindible

Every woman has her fetish garments, those that are her favorites because they fit perfectly with her personality, whether or not they follow the fashion canons of the moment. But what is not lacking in any woman's wardrobe are those basic and essential garments, timeless and suitable for any occasion: the white shirt, the jeans, the black dress... essential, almost obligatory.

Well, the same thing happens with our jewelry wardrobe. There are jewels that you have to have, because they will last a lifetime, because they combine with any look and because they do not go out of style. It is worth spending a little more on them, since they will be the basic pieces that always accompany the woman and that can be combined with other more fun, sophisticated, colorful or simply “different” pieces.

The 10 pieces that cannot be missing in your jewelry box:

  1. A pendant with a message. That reminds you of something or someone.
  2. An original and striking choker. To update simple dresses or t-shirts.
  3. A long necklace with a touch of color. To wear with high or round neck garments.
  4. A fine and discreet ring. To always be worn alone or accompanied with other rings.
  5. A maxi ring, with sophisticated details. For fun nights.
  6. Small earrings, close to the ear and simple. For your daily life.
  7. Long party earrings with movement. Ideal to wear with an updo.
  8. Some basic hoops, large or small. Great with hair blowing in the wind.
  9. A geometric bracelet. To enhance outfits and give them a touch of sophistication.
  10. A thin and light bracelet with colored crystals, small pearls or miniature details.

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