Natural stone stars

Estrellas de piedra natural

One of the most original and fun anartxy proposals for this new season are the 'Reversible Stars' , an extensive collection of pieces in hypoallergenic steel combined with natural stone.

The stones used to assemble these wonderful pieces are lapis lazuli, tiger's eye and malachite. Do you want to know a little more about them?

  • Lapis lazuli is a blue gem. This semi-precious stone is composed of different minerals: the blue color is provided by lazurite, its veining is caused by wollastonite and calcite, and pyrite produces the golden reflections typical of lapis lazuli. In ancient times it was highly appreciated in jewelry and was considered a symbol of purity, health, luck and nobility.
  • Tiger's eye is typical in amulets from India and South America as it is known as the 'stone of longevity'. It is a combination of yellowish and brown minerals, such as quartz and limonite fibers. It is considered a semi-precious stone widely used in jewelry and artistic works.
  • Malachite is a carbonate whose name comes from its green color (malaqh in Greek). Its bright color and attractive stripes have made malachite an ideal mineral for jewelry and the creation of luxury decorations. The most important deposits of malachite are found in Russia, Hungary, Nambia, South Africa and the United States.

Without a doubt, very special jewels.

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