The keys to autumn 2017

Las claves de otoño 2017

The jewelry trend for the fall winter 2017 season is characterized by casual elegance and the freshness of its colors. Do you want to know the keys to succeed and be up to date?

The colored glass

Designs with colored crystals occupy all the fashion windows. And you will not only see them in jewelry but also in many other accessories such as sunglasses, in small details accompanying wool sweaters or giving a special touch to shoes and bags. Light and transparent colors combined with touches of blue, green and dark gray are popular. Total glamor for your looks.

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Natural stones

Malachite, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, turquoise, hematite... combining steel or silver with natural stone is the most 'in'. The stone stands out above all for its natural imperfections such as veins and bubbles, which gives outfits a casual but elegant touch. Don't hesitate to wear them, both in small details and in large pieces.

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They have always been there, but now they burst in with force. They provide a casual and casual style with leather finishes and minimalist versions, but they can also be very flattering and sophisticated when metal is the protagonist or accompanied by shiny details such as druzy or colored glass. Ideal to wear with jeans during the day or with dark dresses at night.

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mini earrings

Ears without earrings are prohibited. Everything is allowed, but the smallest and tightest to the lobe will be the stars of the season. In silver or steel, simple or with shiny details, climbers... Change every day and adjust the color or its shape so that it matches your clothes and other accessories as much as possible. And remember that wearing them unpaired is still trendy.

otoño anartxy

Butt rings

A single ring on your fingers? Forget it and charge yourself with energy. Play with different colors and textures, combining several rings on your fingers. You can also use different measurements to fit different heights and create more transgressive looks.

otoño anartxy

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