Jewelry, a very special detail for guests

Joyas, un detalle muy especial para invitadas

joyas para invitadas - anartxy

In today's weddings, every last detail is taken care of. In addition to looking for a picturesque, beautiful place with personality, couples usually worry that the menu, music or decoration is special and liked by the guests.

One of the gestures that the bride and groom usually have with family and guests is to offer a small gift to thank them for their attendance and to remind them forever of that wonderful day. Therefore, it must be a meaningful gift that must be chosen with care and care.

This tradition has gained strength over time. If before gifts were not very personal and not at all useful, now these types of details always have a little more sophistication and charm.

The best thing is to give something simple but that lasts a lifetime. And what better gift for guests than a piece of jewelry. Every woman likes to have a simple bracelet or a pair of pearl or rhinestone earrings in her jewelry box, always practical and compatible with the personality or way of dressing of any woman.

joyas para invitadas - anartxy

At anartxy we have hundreds of pieces that can inspire you for your wedding day if what you really want is to surprise with a very special gift.

Of course, the design of the jewelry should be very simple , nothing strident and neutral in color, so that it is liked by the majority. If we want to give a more striking touch to the gift, we can play with its packaging, which we can personalize for each guest, but keeping in mind that it should not be very bulky to be able to carry it comfortably or be able to put it in small party bags.

Remember that these types of details are usually given after lunch or dinner, right during coffee, when the atmosphere is more relaxed. Ideally, the gift is given personally by the couple, although a very close family member can also order it.

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