Your zodiac jewel

Tu joya zodiacal

In ancient times, the wise men believed that people, stars and stones were interconnected, so the latter were used for the healing and well-being of people, as medicinal properties were attributed to them.

Nowadays, this 'curative' use has lost all its meaning. But for those people who are more spiritual and linked to astrology, gems and other precious materials have energetic properties and can give us good luck. That is why each sign of the Zodiac has an affinity with certain precious pieces.

Isn't it a good excuse to always wear a 'zodiacal' jewel?

This is the selection for each of the zodiac signs :

  • Aries – ruby
  • Taurus – emerald
  • Gemini – fire opal
  • Cancer – Pearl
  • Leo – Diamond
  • Virgo – Rose Quartz
  • Libra – Agate
  • Scorpio – Topaz
  • Sagittarius – Aquamarine
  • Capricorn – Sapphire
  • Aquarius – Turquoise
  • Pisces – Amethyst


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