The mother of pearl

El nácar

Mother-of-pearl is a material widely used in jewelry and costume jewelry, subtle due to its light color, almost white but with iridescent reflections.

It is a substance that forms inside the shell of many mollusks. They secrete it to repair the shell when it suffers damage. We can say that it is an inner protective layer but for aesthetic purposes it is really beautiful.

It is one of the few materials used in jewelry, along with pearls, tortoiseshell and coral, of animal origin and specifically of marine origin. It is a hard and very resistant material, but soft to the touch and easy to work with.


But mother-of-pearl, being of animal origin, presents irregularities in its shape and color, so each jewel made with mother-of-pearl is unique and exclusive, no two are the same, and that gives a special appeal to each piece.

In addition to jewelry, it is also used in button making, cosmetics and in more artisanal marquetry work.

anartxy is inspired by this material used since ancient times to create new pieces adapted to current trends, with seashells.

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