Rings: historical curiosities

Anillos: curiosidades históricas

Rings have been worn as decoration by people of both sexes, in all kinds of cultures and since ancient times.

Here are some historical curiosities about the rings:

  1. In indigenous tribes it was very common to wear them on the toes.
  2. Among the Romans, the use of gold rings was exclusive to the noble or distinguished classes.
  3. The giving of a ring among Arabs is equivalent to a promise of marriage.
  4. The Romans wore the ring on the left hand and the Hebrews on the right.
  5. The Greeks wore the ring on the ring finger and the Gauls and Bretons on the middle finger.
  6. Carthaginian soldiers wore a ring for each military campaign.
  7. In ancient China and Mongolia only men wore them.
  8. During the Middle Ages it was common to decorate them with large gems to hide the imperfections of the fingers.
  9. Rings have not only been used as decoration for the hands, as they often served exclusively as a seal, or as a pendant suspended from a cord or chain.
  10. The rings as protection against evil spirits are still used by the Berber and Tuareg tribes.


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