Valentine's Day

San Valentín

Valentine's Day is approaching, February 14 is Valentine's Day.

Although love is demonstrated every day through gestures and actions, Valentine's Day is the ideal date for couples to express their love with romantic gifts such as dedicated postcards, flowers and jewelry that make you fall in love .

To celebrate, there are hundreds of anartxy designs to choose from. A piece of jewelry is always the best gift because it is a “symbol of permanence.”

It is not necessary for the piece to carry an explicit message of love, but there are pieces that have a special way of saying "I love you":

enamorados 3

One of our most romantic proposals are intertwined hearts that symbolize present love, the ties of the past and the promise of love for the future.

Another option is the pendants with 'Mickey's Kiss' , those with the message LOVE inscribed and those containing the initial of the loved one.


And of course, a symbol that never goes out of style and that expresses commitment, the ring .

Happy Valentines!

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