Golden balloons in yellow

Globos de Oro en amarillo

Like every year, this week we have been very attentive to the fashion and jewelry designs that have walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes awards.

In this edition it caught our attention that many of the actresses and celebrities have dressed in yellow . From subtle pastel tones to striking golds and lime or canary yellows.

Yellow is a trend and as we approach the warmer seasons, it will flood us with its joy and warmth.

anartxy - Globos Oro 2017

anartxy - Globos Oro 2017

What jewelry can we wear when we wear yellow?

As for the color of the metal , gold is king. It coordinates perfectly with any warm tone: yellows, oranges, bronzes, earth tones... It never fails.

We reserve silver for big occasions, when it is combined with crystals or very shiny stones.

And blue is ideal to wear with yellow. Jewelry with details in stone, resin, rubber, enamel, textile... always with a bluish touch, which enhances daring yellow looks.

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