Rhodium plated silver

Plata bañada en Rodio

A few weeks ago we already presented our new collection in 925 Sterling Silver, a collection that grows day by day with original, current and surprising pieces, full of color and beauty.

Do you want to know a little more about silver jewelry?

Silver is a precious metal, but in contact with air it can oxidize, producing that characteristic grayish-black color that we all know. If we expose the silver to light it can turn yellowish and the pH of the skin, perfumes or some cleaning products can also influence the piece to become “ugly”.

To avoid all these problems, all anartxy Silver jewelry is Rhodium plated.

Rhodium is a metal that belongs to the Platinum group. With this metal you can plate the Silver to give it an intense shine, avoid the problems we have described, prevent it from being easily scratched and generate a quality finish. This also makes maintenance easier. In addition, the Rhodium bath has the advantage of being anti-allergic, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Now there is no excuse to show off any of the wonderful pieces from the anartxy Silver collection!

Plata bañada en rodio - anartxy

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