Halloween Looks by Anartxy

Looks Halloween by Anartxy

Halloween Looks

The night of October 31 is one of the most anticipated for those passionate about esotericism, fantasy and fashion. It's time to bring out your creativity and create looks full of shine and volume.

This season we are betting on our collections with volume, shine, a mix of colors and matte materials. 

The first collection that we propose is Astral Soul . The rings in this collection are ideal for Halloween night, the mix of gold, silver and black colors in different pieces and shapes are combinations that you can use with dark clothing, it will give it that touch you need. We leave you this black lace dress from Zara that combines perfectly with our jewelry. It is an outfit that follows the rules of Halloween night but we give it a plus with the rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces from our most esoteric collection.

Secondly, we show you a very daring and voluminous dress, also from Zara from their new collection for Halloween, which is the accessory that fits with our maxi rings, those with more personality from the Sunshine collection. Our maxi rings with volume are different and striking, if you are daring when it comes to using accessories, you have to take a look at our website.

And finally, one of our most special jewels, the Boulevard collection suitable for lovers of fashion and trends. It contains necklaces, bracelets and earrings with links, lacquered in matte colors, a great choice for Halloween night, or simply a special night.

We leave you this proposal to go daring with a different makeup, glitter stickers and dredged painted lips. How about?

You can find all our jewelry at

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