We contribute our grain of sand. Values ​​anartxy

Aportamos nuestro granito de arena.  Values anartxy

The Valencia Food Bank was born in 1995, a non-political and non-denominational, non-profit association and also one of the 54 Food Banks that make up the Federation of Food Banks of Spain. 

Anartxy's values ​​are very clear, and one of them is to help society with everything we can . We are not only a jewelry company, but we engage with people. For this reason, we began the current relationship with the Food Bank. This fights daily to cover the food needs of people who are in precarious situations and lack decent food. 

We wanted to help and one of the ways has been to raise awareness among our customers, contributing 15% of the benefits of purchases through our website. 

The campaign closed last week and we are very happy to say that the result has been very good and we have been able to collaborate with a large part of the profits obtained.

Thank you very much to all those who have collaborated.


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