Anartxy visits the most important fairs in the sector one more year

Anartxy visita las ferias más importantes del sector un año más

Anartxy has taken a 180 degree turn. They have worked on a brand image change to give it extra professionalism and bring it closer to the fashion sector. During the fairs and at each of the stands, both the new image and the new products have been presented to clients and visitors.

Necklaces , earrings, bracelets and rings for autumn - winter are jewels that add volume, color and personality to the wearer. The new collections are inspired by women, by the strength they transmit, so that they feel unique and free to wear the looks that best fit their personality. Anartxy jewelry is a hallmark, they are daring and different.

The best way to show all this to the world are fairs. Let's start!

First, Paris. An elegant and classic city that has welcomed fashion for many years. At the Bijorhca fair we find brands from all over the world with very interesting and daring bets.

The collections that caught the attention of Parisians the most were Zirconia and Sunflower . Two of our flagship collections, with stones in pink, green, red, orange... Perfect tones to wear this fall - winter.

And the tour of Bisutex in Madrid continued. This year, accompanied by other fairs in the fashion sector such as Madrid Joya or MOMAD, which allowed us to meet a multitude of visitors interested in looking for products with different proposals. In this case, the collections with more color and stones, such as cat's eye and zirconia, were chosen. Its striking colors captivated the attendees but the basics did not go unnoticed, in gold and silver to be used every day.

Finally, Milan , the capital of Italian fashion. We observed a change in the type of jewelry that was successful. Necklaces and bracelets with a lot of volume and color, the Cadenas Mate collection was the protagonist par excellence, since it adds personality to the look chosen.


All the new features have been very well received by the public who visited us and that is the best conclusion.

Enter our website and discover the Anartxy world.

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