New Anartxy Website

New Anartxy

Today is a very special day, we take a 180 degree turn . Anartxy starts the fall-winter season with a radical change .

Anartxy is for all those people who decide to take control of their lives, intuitive people who are loyal to themselves, people who dare and embark on an adventure. For those who say yes, for the optimists, for those who are different and for all those who are dying to live. 

We want you to find your ideal jewelry for every moment, that highlights your personality and makes you feel like yourself whenever you wear them. We invite you to combine and play with the different Anartxy pieces to create your most personal looks. 

We launch a new image and new website. What does this mean? New colors, without leaving turquoise aside, new images that transmit fashion, volume and color. A new inspiration to be free to improvise. We are passionate about trends and fashion , and we want to convey this to you through our jewelry. 

We want your experience to be unforgettable. Enjoy the journey with us. 

Do you dare to discover it?


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