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It is not something new, since since prehistoric times necklaces with beads carved in wood, stone or bones have been used, which were generally worn to ward off 'bad spirits', leaving the aesthetic sense in the background. During the Middle Ages, small beads used to be hung from belts that indicated the origin and social status of the family to which one belonged.

Queen Victoria of England loved to wear and give necklaces and bracelets with charms, which is why this type of jewelry became popular among the English upper class. With the advances in mechanization of the Industrial Revolution, jewelry with charms became accessible to the general public and became known in other regions of Europe.

After the two Great Wars, jewelry changed aesthetically and small pendant details were forgotten. But well into the eighties and especially in the early nineties, pieces with Charms re-emerged with greater force than ever, adapting to the trends of the moment.


anartxy Multicharm



Nowadays they are an essential in any woman's jewelry box. Who doesn't have a necklace or bracelet with small pieces that identify them or inspire them? Currently there are hundreds of designs regarding charms: animals, flowers, good luck clovers, crystals, colored pieces, moons and stars, hearts, letters...

Actresses and celebrities are addicted to this type of jewelry because it is a sure hit that combines in a fun way with all types of looks.

Don't hesitate, if you want to surprise with a detail or treat yourself a little, at anartxy you will find all kinds of Multi Charm necklaces, bracelets and anklets in surgical steel ideal to wear even on the beach or the pool.

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