Stone Line: geometry and color

Stone Line: geometría y color

Since the first jewelry designs back in prehistory, natural stone has been used as a fetish material . Whether they are precious stones or not, the large number of colors and textures that nature offers us has allowed us to give jewelry their own personality.

Stones can be carved and molded until obtaining pieces of extreme beauty, but generally when we talk about 'natural stone' it is because they do not usually have any treatment. For this reason, each piece of jewelry is unique, because although the shape of the piece is the same in each of the collections, its texture and color varies from one to another . You will not find two alike, even in a pair of earrings, because nature does not know about exact copies.


Stone Line Collection by anartxy

This and a careful, minimalist and quality design is what makes the anartxy Stone Line collection very special. Geometry and color are the two basic components of the collection, which perfectly combines plated steel and natural stone with flat cuts and colors full of life.

They are the ideal pieces for this coming summer, since in addition to providing freshness and color to all your looks, they are ideal to wear to the beach or the pool, as they are resistant and very durable materials. You sign up?


Stone Line Collection by anartxy

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