Anartxy spring-summer 2021 news

Novedades anartxy primavera-verano 2021

Along with the good weather also comes the anartxy novelties for this Spring-Summer 2021 season. Once again we are betting on steel for its notable benefits and qualities; a material suitable for all types of skin due to its hypoallergenic properties, with superior resistance that allows you to enjoy your accessories at all times without losing their original color and appearance.

With a wide range of items available you will find a variety of pieces that fit your style and personality. Although the main material of all our items is steel , we offer multiple combinations of this noble metal with natural stone, textiles, volume and lots of color. All of them brimming with the Mediterranean spirit that characterizes us and we like so much.



Stone & Shell, one of our most popular and unique collections, returns this season with new pieces for lovers of the combination of steel with natural stone. Models that add warmth and color to your outfits with different textures and organic shapes as a result of the gold plating and the naturalness of the stone.


This year more than ever we play with the shapes and color of natural stones to bring you original and different pieces that fit what you are looking for. While some pieces revolve entirely around the presence of natural stone, you will also find options in which it appears in a more discreet way, highlighting the design and shapes of the gold-plated steel.



This season, large pieces with a lot of personality are coming in stronger than ever. For this reason, anartxy offers you innovative chains with links of its own design of different sizes, lengths and colors in bracelets, necklaces, or earrings so that you can wear them however you like.


Unique and ideal pieces, with a great presence and very easy to wear with any outfit. Dare to wear these chains that will not go unnoticed, without a doubt an essential for this season that will highlight your best clothes.



All our designs are designed so that you can combine them however you like, which is why we suggest you play with different pieces, mix colors and find what best represents you. You decide how to wear each accessory and with what.


Combine the different anartxy collections with each other to achieve a modern and unique set according to your style. On our website you will find a wide variety of bracelets and necklaces to achieve your ideal look. Don't limit yourself by collections or colors, experiment and try different things. Create your own identity with anartxy .


Explore the anartxy universe and discover all its news.


This season choose anartxy .



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