Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Ideas para regalar en San Valentín

Whether you are one of those who have their partner from a distance or the lucky ones who have them nearby, at Anartxy we help you prepare an ideal Valentine's Day. We propose these ideas in the form of jewelry to give as a gift on Valentine's Day that you will surely get right!

For these dates, Anartxy offers you a wide range of ideas in surgical steel so that you can find that piece that fits perfectly with the personality of your lover. Make sure he loves his gift this special day!


The SUNFLOWERS collection is the perfect gift for lovers of pieces with color and personality. These pieces of iridescent glass and gold-plated surgical steel are an excellent accessory to show off in the spring that is slowly beginning to appear.

Their organic shapes and colorful tones give your outfit elegance without depriving you of using them on a daily basis. These pieces stand out especially together, creating a harmony of color and natural sparkles that highlight your most original garments.

Now there is only one thing left to decide, what colors do you like to see the most on her?


Rings are timeless pieces that are never left over. We all know that person who doesn't leave the house without adorning their hands with these fantastic accessories. If this is the case for your Valentine's Day, then you have it easy and at Anartxy we make it even better for you.

We offer you a wide range of options in a multitude of colors and sizes so that you can find the ideal accessory that fits perfectly with your personality and aesthetics. Through our varied collections it will not be difficult for you to find a piece that immediately reminds you of that special person on this Valentine's Day.


If you have a hard time deciding what to give, you can always guarantee it with a small piece of jewelry that fits his style. You can think about what type of accessories he usually wears, what colors are his favorites, or whether he likes pieces with a lot of presence or rather discreet. In any case, you will surely find the appropriate detail at Anartxy .

Some original earrings, a delicate and easy-to-wear bracelet, or a small chain with her initial (or even yours). In our catalog you will find that piece or set that defines your favorite person to give them as a gift this Valentine's Day.

Surprise your partner, friend or family member with a Valentine's gift

Give love in different ways.

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