New Snake Collection

Nueva Colección Snake

We see it every day in the publications of celebrities and influencers, because they are pieces that combine with everything, serene, minimalist, timeless and very very special . Hailey Baldwin Bieber wears them at all times, at night events or for everyday wear.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber with Snake pieces

These are flat chain-type accessories also known as SNAKE. It is made up of tiny flat metal pieces in the shape of a spike, so that it forms a very flexible and zigzagging piece very similar to snake skin.

They are ideal to wear alone, but combined with other traditional link chains or with the already mentioned pieces with colored beads, the result is spectacular.

Snake necklaces from the anartxy collection

At anartxy we join this trend with our new SNAKE Collection , with choker necklaces and flat gold-plated surgical steel bracelets in three sizes (4, 6 and 8mm) so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Don't you think the combination of SNAKE with the new Heishi is ideal?

Anartxy snake necklaces combined with other anartxy proposals
Well, pay attention because soon we will expand our collection with impact pieces that you will love.

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