Riviere Bracelet

Pulsera Riviere

It is made up of a sequence of diamonds or zircons, all of the same size, arranged one after the other, in a line, representing a very bright thread of light that evokes the lights of the French Riviera at night .

It combines well with everything, since it is unique, subtle, light and refined . It is ideal for sober and minimalist looks, but also to combine with more complex outfits. It is a very simple piece and at the same time spectacular for its flashes of light.

Tennis player Chris Evert used to wear it to play until she lost it in a tournament. After an intense search, when he found it he shouted “my tennis bracelet!” Since that day it is also very common to call it a tennis bracelet .

anartxy has been inspired by this great piece of jewelry, giving it a new, more practical and modern look. Our particular Riviere bracelets are designed for all women regardless of their size. Using a sliding ring, it adjusts perfectly to the size of the wrist and remains perfectly secured thanks to its closure with a silicone interior.

For the most romantic summer nights, sophisticated parties, or simply to shine every day, get a Riviere bracelet.

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