Be the perfect fall guest

Ser la invitada perfecta de otoño

More and more couples are getting married in the fall. The fall of the leaves and the pre-winter coolness has become the perfect setting for weddings, as the atmosphere exudes romance.

If you are one of the lucky ones and have been invited to a fall wedding or event, we leave you some tips to go perfectly:

  • A very important factor is the climate. In autumn it is no longer hot and therefore, weddings usually take place during the day and not in the afternoon. That's why necklines, bare shoulders and sandals are put on hold. Opt for light, flowing dresses with long or French sleeves.
  • A plain dress in neutral tones is the most recommended due to its versatility . Depending on the accessories you choose (belt, shoes, bag and headdress), you can use it on several occasions without looking like you are repeating yourself. Remember that white is reserved for the bride.
  • Less is more. The more you put on it, you will lose elegance and may end up looking like a Christmas tree. Accessories are the key: few but studied , that make you feel comfortable and at the same time favored. Always the clutch type bag.
  • Regarding the hairstyle we will follow the same rule. Elaborate updos make no sense . It is better to wear your hair loose (either straight or with some soft waves) or a casual updo (braids are the most 'in').
  • As for makeup , we can highlight the eyes but leave the mouth in nude tones or wear a powerful red lip and a clean look with only mascara.
  • Jewelry always in accordance with the style . They are a very powerful weapon that can help enhance a dull look.

Hoops and especially long, flowing earrings stylize the face and force the head to be held upright, which provides slenderness and a touch of class.

You can wear them monochrome if your look is more elaborate or with stones and striking colors to lift your outfit. This year they are wearing large and even size XL. They are the perfect ally, the essential accessory.

In addition to the earrings, which must be worn almost as a matter of obligation, we can wear a ring or bracelet that matches. The idea is not to overload the look, forget about carrying the entire pack.

Our proposal in terms of jewelry is the SUNFLOWERS collection by anartxy . It is made up of a large selection of jewelry in plated steel and 'cat's eye' stone. They are very special pieces and in full color, so they add freshness and sophistication to the outfits without giving up elegance.

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