Summer 2017 trends

Tendencias verano 2017

Ready to wear jewelry this summer? The summer period is the time of year when jewelry looks spectacular on bare, tanned skin . There is no better time to wear those pieces that we do not dare to wear in winter, either because of their large size or because of their striking colors.

This year EVERYTHING is allowed , but the trends that make the difference are:

  1. Long and moving earrings.
  2. Wear just one earring or wear them mismatched (you can read about this here).
  3. Geometric and angular pieces.
  4. Pearls as a detail in earrings, rings and bracelets.
  5. Links and chains.
  6. Vibrant colors.
  7. Twin bracelets (wear them identical on each arm)
  8. Necklaces very close to the neck.
  9. Necklaces with a boho chic touch.
  10. Shining stars.

At anartxy you can find collections for all tastes that adjust to current trends . Choose the pieces that best match your personality and wear 10 accessories.

tendencias anartxy

tendencias anartxy


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