Anartxy, 100% Spanish design

Anartxy, diseño 100% español

If we are proud of something at anartxy, it is the design and quality of our jewelry. We design each piece with the same effort, care and enthusiasm as the first day , and that translates into spectacular new collections each season.

We are inspired by international catwalks and current trends, and we try to adapt our designs with accessible but quality materials, such as stainless steel and silver. Originality, innovation, variety and color define our extensive collection.

Anartxy is 100% Spanish design. Ideas emerge and with them the first pencil sketches that become real prototypes in the hands of our master craftsmen. When the design is finished, it is digitized and later goes to the factory. All this after doing countless tests on materials, finishes and colors.

We work with passion for and with you, and it shows.

Thank you.

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