Jewelry and quarantine

Joyas y cuarentena

Taking advantage of the days of isolation at home with routines is a practical and healthy way to be active and overcome these difficult moments with a little more encouragement.

Exercise, cook, organize the closets, read, listen to music, sunbathe from the window... And your jewelry and costume jewelry? If you have not yet proposed an action plan for your 'jewelry box' , that day has arrived and we have some tips for it:

  • 1 – Take out all your pieces of jewelry and spread them on a table or bed. You will surely be struck by the number of earrings, necklaces or bracelets that you no longer wear, or that you didn't even remember having. Surely you like some a lot and others not so much, but that's the point, the time has come to classify them.
  • 2 – Separate on the one hand the pieces that you would never give up, those that are a classic for you or those that bring you fond memories. On the other hand, the most wearable pieces, the basics of your daily life, those that you can wear with all kinds of outfits. And finally, leave separately what you consider is already out of fashion, does not work with your style, is damaged or has lost its original shine.
  • 3 – Now comes the most difficult phase, saying goodbye. Some of the pieces from that last pile will inevitably go to the trash (because they are of poor quality, excessively cheap, broken...) and others you can give to family or friends (remember that something that you don't like can be a treasure for other woman).
  • 4 – Touch the set-up: match the earrings, undo the knots on the chains and thoroughly clean all your pieces with soapy water and a soft, hair-free cloth.
  • 5 – Take inventory of your belongings. You can make a list of what you have or take one by one photographs of your pieces and file them in a folder on your smartphone, this way you will always have it at hand.

  • 6 – Organize and store the jewelry as you like, by categories, colors... If you don't have a jewelry box, you can get inspired and create your own home organizer as we already explained HERE.
  • 7 – Get inspired by actresses, celebrities and Influencers and combine different fashion looks with your jewelry pieces. Now you have time, so stand in front of the mirror and try new combinations and mix styles. You will surely be surprised.
  • 8 – Finally, make a list of wants or needs. If you think you are missing a unique piece or you are excited about something from the new summer season, do not hesitate to treat yourself to show it off when the isolation is over. In our online jewelry store there are thousands of pieces that you will surely love.

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