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Joyas en la maleta

Jewelry in the suitcase

For many, summer vacations have begun, some of you may have already returned to your routine, but for those of you who are still waiting to pack your bags and go on vacation, we give you 9 tips to...

Alergia a las joyas: descubre cómo evitarla

Jewelry allergy: find out how to avoid it

Jewelry allergy is more common than we would like. Many people suffer skin problems in contact with earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets. In most cases, allergic reactions manifest themselves as...

Mantenimiento de las joyas de acero

Maintenance of steel jewelry

Undoubtedly steel is a very strong material and therefore ideal for jewelry. It does not rust or lose shine. It has excellent durability since it is almost immune to friction, perspiration or seawa...